Episode 8: Domestic Travel Inspiration

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Tippe and Ben share their favorite domestic trips! Domestic travel is up, especially since other countries aren’t letting us in right now. Ben talks about his long weekend in Nashville, and Tippe shares her experience backpacking to Havasupai in the Grand Canyon.

Travel Tales: The Music City and Nature’s Waterpark

In early 2020, before the pandemic came to the U.S., Ben took a long weekend trip to Nashville because he found a cheap flight with an American Airlines economy web special. With a few suggestions from friends, he enjoyed a Southern family-style meal and Tennessee BBQ, visited a local distillery with a fascinating history, and experienced some of the roots of Nashville’s music scene.

Tippe’s experience in Havasupai couldn’t have been more different. Permits to hike into the reservation are incredibly hard to get, and the hike isn’t for beginners. Once she got there, though, she and her companions were met with stunning blue-green water, cascading waterfalls, caves and more.

Travel Tips: Making the most of domestic travel

Not everyone feels comfortable traveling during a pandemic. Once you’re ready, though, Tippe and Ben share some thoughts about how to maximize your trip experience without going overboard. Thoughts include:

  • Be flexible with your destinations to score the best deals.
  • Use a map to scope out new hidden treasures you may not have known about.
  • Talk to locals, such as friends or members of travel groups on social media, to find the best experiences.
  • Prioritize activities and pace yourself to make sure you do what you want without burning out.

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