Episode 9: Packing and Prime Day

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Tippe and Ben talk about how they went from heavy packers to learning how to pack light, and share some of the products they’ve used to make that happen. They also talk about the upcoming Amazon Prime Day and where you can find the best deals on travel products.

Travel Tales

Ben hasn’t always been the lightest packer, but he had to learn when he started traveling with his kids. It’s hard to get around some packing needs, especially when your kids are very young. Think diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, car seats, toys, books, extra clothes, and so on. Listen to find out how he managed to cut down.

Tippe talks about back when airlines didn’t charge fees for checked luggage. After her first semester of college, she checked two large 50-lb. bags plus two carry-ons just to visit her family for three weeks. Once airlines started charging fees, though, she learned quickly how to pare down. Find out what she did and other reasons why she avoids checking bags when she flies. 

Travel Tips

Amazon Day in 2020 is Oct. 13-14, and we’re here to help you find the best deals on travel products, whether they’re from Amazon or another retailer with competing deals. Ben and Tippe share their favorite packing products, and Ben also shares some must-have items for when you’re traveling with small kids.


  • Check out our travel products page for the best products for packing, as well as other items to make your travels go more smoothly and to keep you inspired.

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