Episode 7: Best Award Flight Redemptions

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Airlines have banned more than 700 people for not complying with rules for face masks. Unfortunately, enforcement falls on flight attendants, who are calling on the Federal Aviation Administration to make it a federal mandate with fines for non-compliance. Also, Tippe shares six ways travel has become more accessible during the pandemic. 

Also, Tippe will also be speaking at TEDxSaltLakeCity on the topic of Binge Travel on September 19th. If you want to tune in, you can get a live stream ticket, or you can watch the show live from a Megaplex Theatre near you.

Travel Tales: Saving money with airline miles

Ben gives a quick introduction to how airline miles work. Then Tippe and Ben share some of the best deals they’ve scored with airline miles, including a round-the-world economy trip and an international flight in business class.

Tippe also shares an incredible journey around the world for fewer miles than Ben paid for his business-class flight to Europe. 

Travel Tips: Navigating the complex world of points and miles

Let’s be honest: Ben and Tippe could spend several episodes talking about travel rewards, including how to earn them and how to use them. But for now, they share a bunch of tips on the basics. Here’s a preview:

  • Sign up for all of the airline programs; it’s free!
  • Take the time to research flights directly from the airlines.
  • Sign up for flight deal newsletters.
  • Follow travel blogs, especially the ones that specialize in points and miles.
  • The more flexible you are with your travel dates and destination, the easier it will be to find deals.

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