Episode 2: Passports, EU Travel, and Layover Tours

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In the latest travel news, the European Union is planning to reopen its borders to international tourists, but the U.S. is not on the list of approved countries. Also, the State Department briefly stopped processing passport applications, causing a backlog of nearly 1.8 million passports awaiting issuance. 

Travel Tales: Sunrise atop a Mayan temple and traveling sick

Five years ago, Tippe took a long weekend to fly to Belize and Guatemala for just $202 roundtrip. It wasn’t the best time of year for weather, but she and her friend, Alicia, took a side trip to Tikal, one of the famous Mayan ruins in Guatamala. In the early morning fog one day, they hiked up to Temple III to watch the sunrise over the jungle ruins to a chorus of howler monkeys. She also talks about eating the best lobster ever and coming across an Amish community.

Ben shares his worst travel experience ever: getting food poisoning then taking a seven-hour bus trip on a road teeming with potholes. The destination was worth it, though, as he took a whitewater rafting trip on the Upper Navua River — which has been nicknamed the River of Eden and the tropical Grand Canyon. We’re talking sheer rock walls, waterfalls everywhere you look, river eels, and more.

Travel Tips: The TSA’s suggestions for safe travel and free layover tours

Air travel has gone down significantly since the pandemic began, but if you’re thinking about taking a trip, the TSA has made some exceptions to its fluid restrictions for hand sanitizer, and also provides some recommendations to minimize your exposure to the coronavirus.

Also, Tippe’s got more travel experience than most, and shares some incredible tips on how to score free activities wherever you go. She talks about getting free city tours on layovers in Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Istanbul, and so many more. She even managed to score a free hotel stay and meals from Ethiopian Airlines on a layover in Addis Ababa.

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