Episode 1: Theme Parks, Cruises, and Road Trips

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Welcome to the first Just One More Trip podcast episode! 

Tippe is a city planner by day and a world traveler by night and weekend. Despite having a full-time job, she’s managed to visit all seven continents, including 67 countries and 45 states, often just a few days at a time. As a travel hacker, she’s earned more than one million points and miles through credit cards and various travel deals. She’s an expert at finding cheap flights, accommodations, and destination activities.

Ben has been writing about travel, especially travel credit cards and rewards, for the last seven years, and has earned tens of thousands of dollars worth of credit card rewards. When he was younger, Ben spent two years living in Germany, learning the language and getting immersed in the culture. He’s always looking for his next trip.

Travel Tales: Bosnia and Herzegovina and New Zealand

Ben and Tippe share some of the latest travel news, including the reopening of Universal Orlando Resort amid the coronavirus pandemic, and what you can expect if you book a cruise during covid times and it gets canceled. (Hint: you really wouldn’t like it.)

Tippe shares a memory of a hostel day tour from this day 3 years ago when she was backpacking in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s an incredible adventure involving an abandoned bunker used during the Bosnian War, a 13th century monastery, the stunning Kravice Falls, and the medieval village of Počitelj.

Ben also shares a memory of the trip that sparked his love for travel. He spent five days in New Zealand, including stops in Auckland and Rotorua. In Rotorua, Ben enjoyed the geothermal attractions at Te Puia, learned about Maori culture, and soaked in one of the city’s hot spring spas. 

Travel Tips: International and domestic trips during the time of covid

At a time of uncertainty, Ben recommends sticking to road trips to maximize your safety during the coronavirus pandemic. He briefly shares a recent road trip and stay at an Airbnb in southern Utah with a friend. 

If you’re thinking of traveling abroad during the pandemic, Tippe recommends checking the U.S. Department of State’s travel website first. There, you can learn about travel restrictions for your intended destination, plus health alerts and visa requirements. Also, be sure to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before you leave for your trip. It will enable you to receive up-to-date safety and security information for your destination and help the agency reach you in case of a significant emergency.

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